FeasT Third Natures: London Pleasure Gardens

DATE: 2014


PROGRAM: Food Rituals Pavilion; ceremonial hall, picnic areas, cooking kitchens

Feast aims to invert the roles of cultural food rituals through unique spatial qualities and the organization of spaces. It exposes what is often hidden and deconstructs the formality of the conventional; through the repetition and scaling of architectural elements. Considering four typologies: the ceremonial hall, the oversized monumental kitchen, the forest landscape and the historic Ranelagh Gardens, Feast appropriates their spatial qualities to create a typology of publicness, through a ceremonial halls grandiose space, a large chimney, supper-boxes, areas of density, openness and light filtration.

The Pleasure Garden manifests itself in a gradient of vessels slowly blurring thresholds that compose both informal and formal spaces for the spectacles of preparation and consumption of food. The garden allows for shared tactile experiences that engage the senses, the physical, and the cognitive; all as a means of social connectivity and publicness through various food rituals.

Food Rituals A series of fabricated mixed media collages composed from paintings, etchings and photographs

Longitudinal Section

Longitudinal Section

Transverse Sections